Our review system is 2 parts.

The first: is it a “film” or a “movie”.

The second part: rating the quality of said film or movie on a scale of 1-5 Mux. What the fux is a Mux?! Glad you asked…

The Mux was born at The Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood. Full disclosure here: sometimes (but very very rarely) the movies we see are viewed under the influence of marijuana. It was on one such dark day that the Mux was born. It is created by mixing equal parts regular popcorn (butter optional) with caramel corn. Once you’ve mixed, you have “mux”. We recommend doing this actual mux-ing while still at the concession stand, using a cardboard drink tray as a mux basin (you have to ask for this). It’s less of a mess that way, and other people will see you being cool and combining popcorns.

As you can imagine, the more mux you have the better. So a 5 mux rules and a 1 mux sucks.