Special Edition: Aliens Vs. Predator


In this special edition of FOM, the guys review two classics: James Cameron’s “Aliens” and John McTiernan’s original “Predator”. They then put themselves through the existential hell of having to choose which one is better. We’d write “spoiler alert”, but I mean, c’mon…

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3 responses to “Special Edition: Aliens Vs. Predator”

  1. Captain Magic Mike says:

    Aliens Aliens Aliens! I’m not saying the other 3 got it wrong, but they sure didn’t get it right. I side with Tony on this one.

    • Sivart says:

      After having not watched either in many, many years, I felt swayed to each commentator’s thoughts, until the next review went a different direction. From film/movie to best fight, I was flip-flopping the whole time.

  2. BBD says:

    Yes, I noticed nobody asked me, but…

    Aliens. Hands Down.
    (5 M Film.) A Thrilling Si-Fi/Action/Art FILM that changed movie-making and its audience simultaneously.

    Predator, (4.5 M Movie) is just one, big, badass mothaf***ing movie.

    Also, and unrelated, Mark it 8: if Fred Savage is in it, its a movie.

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