The FoM team is blessed with ample free time. Tony and Ian co-own a DJ company, Rob is a working actor, and Pete plays poker professionally (we think). The point is, you have a 80/20 chance that on any given weekday afternoon one or all four of us would be available to go watch a movie. These off-the-calendar casual cinema encounters have occurred with disturbing regularity ever since the team graduated from USC about 10 years ago.

Once, when we’d run out of ways to dissect what we’d just seen we stumbled on the question: what is the difference between a “movie” and a “film?”  I mean, you’d never call Citizen Kane a “movie”. And you’d never refer to Ghostbusters as a “film”. But both are awesome in their own unique ways. Over time this developed into a kind of shorthand review system.

“Hey Pete, did you see the new documentary about the deaf, one-armed, one-man-band homeless guy that played Carnegie Hall?”

“Of course.”

“What’d you think?”


But was it any good? Ahh. There’s the rub. We discovered that just calling something a “film” doesn’t necessarily make it a great piece of art. And a “movie” labeling doesn’t imply it’s of any less quality. We knew immediately that we’d stumbled onto something new and of vital importance. And we felt the exploration deserved, nay demanded, its own podcast. So…

3 years later…

We bring you Film or Movie the Podcast! It’s a different kind of cinema review show. One that’s probably best listened to after you’ve already seen the movie (or film). A post-mortem, if you will.  Where we ask the question, is it art or is it entertainment, and what does that even mean?

It’s more of a discussion than one single person’s take on the quality of what they just saw. Instead, we aim, as a collective, to go deeper and ask ourselves the tough next-level questions about the motion pictures currently at the box office. And part of this exploration invariably leads us to the older movies that have informed today’s creators.

The best part is we do it all for you. Okay, mostly it’s justifying and putting a gloss on something we already do readily and without reward.  But dammit, we want you on board! Email us at

We hope you enjoy Film or Movie. We all truly love the cinema and each of us has a desire to better understand the nuances of what makes something good versus what makes something bad in hopes that we will one day add to the canon ourselves. We’re still figuring it out ourselves but we’re honored to have you along for the ride.