Raised in Galesburg Illinois, Tony moved to Los Angeles shortly after a failed (but expensive) Hair Club for Men Transplant, to attend USC’s School of Theatre. While at college, he met his best friends and shortly after graduating met the love of his life, Beth. He loves dogs, bikes (self-propelled), and the Chicago Bears. His favorite place to see a movie is The Vista in Silverlake after having lunch somewhere. His favorite actor growing up was Lou Diamond Phillips. Mostly because of Young Guns.


Raised on a steady diet of Spielberg, Seagal and Stallone, Ian will always have a soft spot for the action/adventure and martial art films from his youth. He’s a sucker for a good documentary and has a 75% chance of crying during any movie he sees on a plane. Fun fact: Ian had the largest collection of poorly-recorded-from-HBO VHS tapes on his block in 1992.


Rob’s love affair with “el cinemo” began as a young tot, rewatching Star Wars on VHS until the tracking got all messed up. Believing that the actors were performing inside his television, Rob’s world was shattered when he learned that he was, in fact, a stupid child. Stunted brain aside, Rob continued to watch movie after movie, gleaning valuable life lessons. He attributes his comedic timing to Leslie Nielsen, his sensitivity to John Cusack, and his looks to Jeff Goldblum.


Pete hails from Detroit and wants to put it on the map, even though it’s already been done. He wants to do it his own way, on his own terms. The first Movie he ever saw in the theaters was Spielberg’s “Always” starring Richard Dreyfuss, John Goodman, and Holly Hunter. When he watched it years later, it didn’t hold up. His father would frequently take him to one of two art-house theaters in the area. At age 10 he was subjected to his first Film, Neil Jordan’s “The Crying Game”… Also a filmmaker himself, Pete has had his work play domestically and abroad from Los Angeles to Virginia to New York to Germany to Slovakia to Switzerland.