Episode 9: Candymama

Boo! The guys are joined by consulting horror expert Nathan Budde as they review Mama (“mama!”). They then revisit Candyman- which really pants-pissed some of them as kids- to find out if it holds up. Are you (wo)man enough to listen to a spoiler filled podcast about scary movies?!

*At the end of the podcast we say we’re going to watch Warm Bodies and Evil Dead 2 for next week. We lied. We’re watching Warm Bodies and the original Dawn of the Dead. 

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One response to “Episode 9: Candymama”

  1. Sivart says:

    I think you are mixing up remembrances of the character of Ash between the first Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness. He was definitely campy in the ED2/AoD, but only because the series took a campy turn. The first was just regular straight horror, albeit low-budget

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