Episode 49: Requiem for a Buyers Club


The FOM crew adds special guest Nick D’Agosto for an episode of epic proportions! It’s double drug, double Leto as they pair “Dallas Buyers Club” with 2000’s “Reqiuem for a Dream” to see if it holds up. Get your fix! See what we did there?

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One response to “Episode 49: Requiem for a Buyers Club”

  1. Sivart says:

    Nick – You are right on target.
    Pete – What the fuck?!?! Those travel sequences that Nick mentioned were so jarring, seemingly shot on a 1997 video camera, and should at least knock off a mux. And whereas I felt Jennifer Garner wasn’t bad, I thought she was just too pretty, as if she wasn’t gritty enough. Her performance wasn’t even Movie, so much as it was TV.

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