Episode 35: Blackfish Rider


The team gets Cetacean this week as they review the new doc “Blackfish”, which will obliterate any thought of ever going to Sea World again. For Does It Hold Up, they venture to New Zealand and review 2002’s “Whale Rider”. Yeah, we know “Free Willy” would’ve been a good pairing, but after “Blackfish” it just… It just wasn’t a good idea.

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One response to “Episode 35: Blackfish Rider”

  1. Sivart says:

    To further Ian’s comment on every character eliciting sympathy in E.T., I’d like to point out that even Peter Coyote, the character closest to a “bad guy”, (at least in the sense that he’s the head of Those That Would Separate Elliot From E.T.) (and at least that’s how my memory colored him) (although in watching his scenes tonight I realize that isn’t the case) creates an incredibly sympathetic person.

    And for the record, I started looking at clips on YouTube, and I started crying.

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