Episode 32: 48 Hour Heat


The guys get their buddy cop on as they review Paul Feig’s “The Heat” and find out if “48 Hours” holds up. Chock full of racial slurs, inadvertant cracks at overweight people, and toplessness, the least interesting part of this week’s episode might just be the movie reviews…

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2 responses to “Episode 32: 48 Hour Heat”

  1. Sivart says:

    “I’m sure it’s happened.” Really Pete?

    Ditch this movie and see a documentary called Stolen Seas.

    Stolen Seas is a much more rich experience because it uses actual video footage and audio recordings from an actual pirate take-over, and it is fucking intense.

    And the CEO from A Hijacking is totally ripped off from the real-life CEO of Stolen Seas.

    Real Thing: http://tinyurl.com/logpcb3
    Rip-Off Version: http://tinyurl.com/mqgknjz

  2. Momma Bean says:

    Open invitation for all of you to come to Boston. Please bring along a “tiny” award. You all totally missed that the streets of Boston play a powerful, albeit silent, role. Three mux minimum! The Heat is why I moved to Boston.

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