Episode 28: Stand By Summer


The guys come of age this week as they review the indie flick “Kings of Summer”. Their Does It Hold Up pairing is 1986’s “Stand By Me”, complete with Corey Feldman’s melty ear. Boom-baba-boom-baba-boom!

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FoM – Stand By Me


2 responses to “Episode 28: Stand By Summer”

  1. Sivart says:

    2 Mux Movie.

    That fucking fake facial hair drove me nuts. And so did how fast they built that house, and the fact that it was able to stand when a thrown chair could knock out a wall. I was even slightly annoyed that I recognized every single supporting actor (except for the gals and their weird friend who really had no purpose). And the fact that Patrick’s foot was broken or something (never explained?) and he couldn’t walk that much on it, except he could run and jump and swim. And snakes don’t move chairs when they slither. And they don’t stand guard all night. And they don’t outright attack people.

  2. Sivart says:

    Furthermore, a much better movie-going experience can be had by watching The Way, Way Back. A 4 Mux film, it touches on the same themes and issues as TKOS, but in a much more sophisticated, caring fashion.
    And it has Sam Rockwell.

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