Episode 26: Swingover Part 3


The boys break out their hair shirt and review the comedy black hole known as “The Hangover Part III”. For Does It Hold Up, they don their wallet chains and revisit 1996’s “Swingers”. Also, to commemorate a half year of churning out podcasts, the guys each re-rate one motion picture from past episodes. It’s you and me and Film or Movie makes three tonight!

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One response to “Episode 26: Swingover Part 3”

  1. Momma Bean says:

    Once again I’m dazzled by your intelligent humor. I know NOTHING about contemporary films or movies (sorry to admit) but you guys make me want to go out and watch some. I’ve introduced your site to my friend Roberto at Hotel Garden, Siena, Italy. Expect the site to go viral in Italy soon. (He loves Cake Boss). Also FYI Star Trek received only two stars in Brussels. Sorry Chris. 🙁

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