Episode 25: Star Trek to the Future Part 2


Reunited, and it feels so good! The OG crew is finally back together, movin’ and shakin’ on “Star Trek: Into Darkness”. And, in a pairing based solely around a petty argument, they jump in a flying DeLorean to see if “Back to the Future Part 2” holds up. All that, and a fateful coin toss that will ruin one FOM’ers whole week.

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One response to “Episode 25: Star Trek to the Future Part 2”

  1. kalyarn says:

    This was a fun episode. I might have missed it in the discussion, but I think you guys could have hammered harder on the “timeline” stuff in Star Trek that you discussed in Back to the Future II, from an audience point of view. There’s an interesting way that Back 2 injects the love and nostalgia for 1 directly into itself, making it like Rob said almost Back to the Future 1.5. Star Trek is in a similar boat using Khan, though it tries harder to craft a new mythology for itself and not just parasitize Wrath (I didn’t think it succeeded really, at least not as well as the 2009 Star Trek did).

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