Episode 24: What’s Eating Gilbert Gatsby


Special guest Dylan Kenin joins the dudes as they travel back to a simpler time when people played trumpets. Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” is reviewed, followed by a revisit of Little Leo’s star turn in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. Pete also goes on assignment for Artist’s Loft, as he records FOM’s first in-the-field discussion with friend of the podcast Troian Bellasario regarding “Upstream Color”.

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One response to “Episode 24: What’s Eating Gilbert Gatsby”

  1. BBD says:

    Your guest this week was really well informed but sounded pompous as hell. Nevertheless, very solid podcast, even including some Movie Star real estate trivia, and an actual TV star in the Artist Loft!
    Why do people even watch movies? The FOM podcast is faster and just as entertaining.

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