Episode 15: Return to Oz the Great and Powerful


It’s a double dose of enchantment and monkeys as the guys check out “Oz the Great and Powerful”, then revisit the borderline-horror flick “Return to Oz” for Does It Hold Up. Never has so much whimsy been discussed in one podcast!

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One response to “Episode 15: Return to Oz the Great and Powerful”

  1. Sivart says:

    From an interview with Robert Zemeckis on Roger Rabbit:

    “Charlie Fleischer was the voice of Roger Rabbit, and he was on the set every day, and he demanded a costume. So the wardrobe department actually made a Roger Rabbit costume for him so that he could go into wardrobe every morning. And he had the red trousers and a big bow tie and he had that on. … I had these rubber dolls made to scale of the cartoon characters, and I would place them in the set and we would rehearse the scene … I would walk around holding the rabbit by its ears, bouncing it around the set, and Bob [Hoskins] would find places in the set where I would move the rabbit. … [H]e would then move his eyes to those areas, and remember where they were, and then he would focus them on [that] point in space — because he couldn’t look at the wall, or a target out of frame, because then the camera would see that he [was] looking through the cartoon character. It would destroy the illusion.”

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