Episode 10: Dawn of the Warm Bodies

The guys are joined by special guest Drew Howerton as they review the zom-rom-com Warm Bodies. For Does It Hold Up, they look back at George Romero’s 1978 seminal zombie flick, Dawn of the Dead. Feelings are hurt.

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Tony collected all the songs from Warm Bodies in a Spotify playlist that you can check out here.


When we went to see Warm Bodies, we saw this dude eating his own, unrelated MUX!




2 responses to “Episode 10: Dawn of the Warm Bodies”

  1. Jane Ellison says:

    Enjoyed the show, listened to the whole podcast but definally won’t see the movies! Dr. Drew had a brillant evaluation of the girl with Stockholm syndrome, loved it!
    Still don’t know the difference bewteen film or movie, if you explained it, must have missed it..
    Nice work, fun to listen to, will tune in again if Drew is a guest!

  2. Sivart says:

    The poor acting and shitty cinematography almost creates a sense of added realism. Just like Gummo and Kids seemed even more haunting because of their non-flashiness, and the way documentaries tend to touch us on a more human level. I can certainly understand why Rob would think DotD would be more unsettling that I Am Legend or some other major Hollywood zombie glam-fest.

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